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Best Affordable Bathroom Upgrades To Impress

Best Affordable Bathroom Upgrades To Impress

If your toilet is looking worn around the edges but you aren’t yet prepared to commit to the cost of a full-scale remodel, consider giving your current bathroom just a small upgrade. For a relatively small cost, and often without hiring a plumber or an electrician, you can radically liven up your bath’s appearance, make it easier to use, and even save money in the process.

Switch out your showerhead

Nothing gives you more bang for your buck than just replacing your old, ineffective showerhead. Showerheads do not require a pro to set up, are relatively inexpensive, and can save you hundreds of dollars in future water bills over time.

On top of that, water-saving showerheads use the most recent technologies to save water while actually improving your showering experience. And it’s easy to discover a showerhead to suit your requirements. “The FlipsideĀ® showerhead is a great choice because it offers four distinct showering sensations in one showerhead,” says the owner of a Calgary bathroom renovation and remodeling company. “Particularly if your current showerhead is an older, single-spray model, upgrading to Flipside makes a world of difference.”

Consider glass doors

Fabric or vinyl shower curtains attract mold and mildew and …