How to cope with Septic tank and Wells of Infiltration so as not to Fully

If you are all experiencing problems around Septic tank and Wells Well, the toilet channel to septic tank is clogged or clogged, Wastewater in Absorption Wells or the most confusing Septic tank and Wells Full speedy infiltration, it is an endless problem, but not means no solution or solution.

Should Waste containers from both Closet and Water baths should be separated first for treatment called Septic tank while the latter for water absorption. For sewage installation from closet to septic tank then to the drain, while the water used bathing, wash directly into the recharge.

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There are some questions from customers to consult the problem on septic tank and absorption, including:

  1. Why is the well-drained infiltration?

First we have to check first by opening the lid of the recharge and see its contents full because of waste water, if the infiltration filled with water it can be ascertained absorption is not functioning optimally that can’t sink in with the maximum, which may be one cause can’t pervasive perfectly i.e. the walls of the absorption wells are filled with fat attached, hardened and will obstruct the pervasive wastewater. Can also land around the well moist infiltration is not dry so it can’t accommodate the absorption with a maximum that can full fast recharge.

The solution can be by giving bacteria parser in the absorption so that the hard fat attached to the absorbing well wall can be decomposed and will not deter again for the way of pervasive waste water. While the full recharge due to the soil around moist or wet by making absorption wells or container tanks again.

  1. Why are the Septic tanks and absorption wells full?

Actually this problem is almost the same as the previous problem, basically septic tank function is strongly influenced by several things such as how to use, soil structure, rainfall also installation and form of septic tank itself. In addition to the fat attached to the absorbing well wall and the soil conditions around the moist infiltration there are also other causes such as:


  • The presence of spills on the septic tank cover and absorption wells so that water can enter during the rainy season.
  • Can be located septic tank and absorption well near the sewer or sewer, so water from the sewer can seep into the septic tank or absorption tub that will cause full speed.
  • Leaks in the water reservoir on the sitting closet.
  • Age Septic tank and absorption wells that are old so it can’t work with the maximum.
  1. How to handle septic tank to work optimally?

If after the check there is a leak immediately repaired do not wait there because if too long will cause full fast, rain water will enter from outside through the hole. Also treat septic tank and absorption wells by giving bacteria decomposers periodically and routinely, so that waste water can be decomposed with decomposing bacteria that will change the dirt, fat into mud and water that can overcome the sticking fat that will clog and will not full quickly.